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Presented below are many of the course titles available through us. You may find some entries with similar or identical titles. These represent courses on the same topic but with different approaches or perspectives, which are listed to give you greater choice.

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Database Technologies

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
DBG-102Introduction to SQL21Y$120  $110  
DBG-106Introduction to SQL31Y$170  $155  
DBG-103Logical Data Modeling31Y$170  $155  
DBG-104Logical Data Modeling and Relational Database Design Overview11Y$60  $55  
DBG-105Relational Database Design22Y$120  $110  

IBM Databases

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
DBI-103DB2 and SQL21Y$120  $110  
DBI-101Introduction to MVS/TSO11N$60  $55  
DBI-102Introduction to MVS/JCL22N$120  $110  

Microsoft® SQL Server

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
DBM-101Introduction to Microsoft® SQL Server21Y$120  $110  


Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
DBO-104Oracle® 10g SQL Programming31Y$POA  $POA  
DBO-105Introduction to Oracle10g PL/SQL Programming32Y$POA  $POA  

Microsoft .NET Programming

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
DNT-102Object Oriented Programming in C# 52Y$265  $240  
DNT-105Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic 52Y$265  $240  
DNT-103.NET Framework Essentials Using C#33Y$170  $155  
DNT-104.NET Framework Essentials Using Visual Basic33Y$170  $155  
DNT-126.NET Framework Using C#43Y$220  $200  
DNT-127.NET Framework Using Visual Basic43Y$220  $200  
DNT-132ADO.NET for Web Applications Using C#33Y$170  $155  
DNT-146ADO.NET for Web Applications Using Visual Basic33Y$170  $155  
DNT-115ADO.NET Using C#33Y$170  $155  
DNT-118ADO.NET Using Visual Basic33Y$170  $155  
DNT-128ASP.NET AJAX Using C# 33Y$170  $155  
DNT-144ASP.NET AJAX Using Visual Basic 33Y$170  $155  
DNT-111ASP.NET Using C# 53Y$265  $240  
DNT-108ASP.NET Using Visual Basic 53Y$265  $240  
DNT-110C# Essentials 23Y$120  $110  
DNT-137C# Essentials 23Y$120  $110  
DNT-140Introduction to WCF Using C#33Y$170  $155  
DNT-145Introduction to WCF Using Visual Basic33Y$170  $155  
DNT-135Microsoft Silverlight23Y$120  $110  
DNT-106Visual Basic Essentials 23Y$120  $110  
DNT-142Visual Basic Essentials 23Y$120  $110  
DNT-117Web Services Using C# and ASP.NET43Y$220  $200  
DNT-114Windows Forms Using C#53Y$265  $240  
DNT-120Windows Forms Using Visual Basic53Y$265  $240  
DNT-125Windows Presentation Foundation Using C# 43Y$220  $200  
DNT-138Windows Presentation Foundation Using C#43Y$220  $200  
DNT-143Windows Presentation Foundation Using Visual Basic43Y$220  $200  
DNT-116XML Programming Using C# and .NET43Y$220  $200  
DNT-119XML Programming Using Visual Basic and .NET43Y$220  $200  

Apache Web Server

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
INA-101Apache Web Server Workshop13Y$60  $55  

Samba Server

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
INS-101Samba Workshop13Y$60  $55  

Object-Oriented Design and Programming

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
OBJ-101Object Technology Technical Overvierw11Y$60  $55  
OBJ-105Introduction to Rational Rose12Y$60  $55  
OBJ-102Object Oriented Analysis and Design52Y$265  $240  
OBJ-107Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML52Y$265  $240  
OBJ-106Requirements Analysis and Modeling with Use Cases12Y$60  $55  
OBJ-104UML Object-Oriented Analysis and Design52Y$265  $240  
OBJ-103Advanced Object-Oriented Design Using Patterns and Frameworks43Y$220  $200  
OBJ-108Exploring Design Patterns23Y$120  $110  

Ada Programming

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
PGA-101Programming in Ada52Y$265  $240  

C/C++ Programming

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
PGC-105C Programming52Y$265  $240  
PGC-103C++ Programming52Y$265  $240  
PGC-112C++ Programming for C Programmers52Y$265  $240  
PGC-107C++ Programming for Non-C Programmers52Y$265  $240  
PGC-108Intermediate C++ Programming22Y$120  $110  
PGC-106Advanced C Programming53Y$265  $240  
PGC-104Advanced C++ Programming53Y$265  $240  
PGC-109Advanced C++ Programming53Y$265  $240  
PGC-101The C++ Standard Template Library33Y$170  $155  

Java™ Programming

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
PGJ-202Fast Track to Java52Y$265  $240  
PGJ-201Gentle Java42Y$220  $200  
PGJ-203Intermediate Java52Y$265  $240  
PGJ-228AJAX for Java Developers43Y$220  $200  
PGJ-101Building GUIs with Java™ and Swing (*S)33Y$170  $155  
PGJ-226Fast Track to EJB333Y$170  $155  
PGJ-227Fast Track to EJB3 and the Java Persistence API (JPA)43Y$220  $200  
PGJ-225Fast Track to Hibernate33Y$170  $155  
PGJ-222Fast Track to Jakarta Struts33Y$170  $155  
PGJ-221Fast Track to Java EE with Servlets, JSP and JDBC53Y$265  $240  
PGJ-223Fast Track to JavaServer Faces33Y$170  $155  
PGJ-220Fast Track to Servlets/JSP33Y$170  $155  
PGJ-130Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and Swing Development33Y$170  $155  
PGJ-204Java Language Topics13Y$60  $55  
PGJ-206JDBC13Y$60  $55  
PGJ-205Pratical Java Topics13Y$60  $55  

COBOL Programming

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
PGO-101COBOL Programming51N$265  $240  

Perl Programming

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
PGP-104CGI Programming with Perl51Y$265  $240  
PGP-103Perl Programming52Y$265  $240  
PGP-101Perl Programming Language52Y$265  $240  
PGP-102Advanced Perl Programming43Y$220  $200  

Unix Operating Systems

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
UXG-101Introduction to Unix21Y$120  $110  
UXG-102Unix Fundamentals51Y$265  $240  
UXG-104Unix System Administration32Y$170  $155  
UXG-103Unix Tools and Utilities32Y$170  $155  

Linux Operating System

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
UXL-101Introduction to Solaris™/Linux21Y$120  $110  
UXL-108C Shell Programming22Y$120  $110  
UXL-103Linux Administration Part 132Y$170  $155  
UXL-102Linux for Users/Administrators32Y$170  $155  
UXL-104Linux Administration Part 223Y$120  $110  
UXL-105Linux Advanced Administration34Y$170  $155  
UXL-107Linux Internals54Y$265  $240  

Solaris™ Operating System

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
UXS-101Introduction to Solaris™/Linux21Y$120  $110  
UXS-103Solaris™ 11 Administration Part 152Y$265  $240  
UXS-102Solaris™/Linux Utilities and Shell Programming32Y$170  $155  
UXS-104Solaris™ 11 Administration Part 223Y$120  $110  
UXS-105Solaris™ 11 Advanced ┬áSystem Administration34Y$170  $155  

Internet and Web

Code Title Days Level Trainer? Price4 or more
WEB-103Electronic Commerce: An Introduction11Y$60  $55  
WEB-101Internet Technical Overview11Y$60  $55  
WEB-102Intranet Technical Overview11Y$60  $55  
WEB-104Introduction to the Web and Web Development11Y$60  $55  
WEB-106JavaScript for Non-Programmers41Y$220  $200  
WEB-105JavaScript Programming22Y$120  $110