Advanced Object-Oriented Design Using Patterns and Frameworks

This intensive four-day course provides a practical working knowledge of object-oriented design with UML, patterns, and frameworks. Through written exercises, participants gain confidence in building effective designs with the UML notation and well-known design patterns and frameworks. In the application of UML, patterns, and frameworks to a case study, participants gain understanding in how to complete an object-oriented design. Course examples and exercises use Java.

Attendance at the UML Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course or equivalent training or work experience.

Course Objectives
After completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Solve complex object based computing problems using patterns
  • Identify specific problems that can be solved with design patterns
  • Select the appropriate design pattern to solve a computing problem
  • Document pattern-based computing solutions using UML diagrams
  • Select the most appropriate solution to a computing problem between a pattern or a framework
  • Build useful frameworks to create generic solutions to common OO design problems

Intended Audience
This course may prove useful to people such as systems designers and developers who will analyze, design, and develop object-oriented programs.

4 days

Instructor-led course, with written exercises.

Course Outline
  • N-tier architecture
  • Introduction to design patterns
Abstract Factory and Singleton Design Patterns
  • Abstract factory design pattern
  • Singleton design pattern
Creational and Composite Design Patterns
  • Builder pattern
  • Factory method pattern
  • Prototype pattern
  • Composite design patterns
Interpreter and Visitor Design Patterns
  • Interpreter design pattern
  • Visitor design pattern
Behavioral and Bridge Patterns
  • Behavioral patterns overview
  • Command method pattern
  • Iterator
  • Mediator pattern
  • State pattern
  • Bridge design pattern
Facade and Structural Design Patterns
  • Fašade design patterns
  • Structural patterns
  • Adapter pattern
  • Decorator method pattern
  • Flyweight pattern
  • Proxy pattern
Java Application Framework
  • An application framework
  • Framework development
  • Enterprise frameworks
  • Enterprise JavaBeans architecture
  • EJB and Java technologies
  • Distributed objects
  • RMI
  • JDBC
  • Servlets

Hardware and Software Requirements
Overhead projector, flipcharts. No computers are required.

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