Linux Advanced Administration

This three-day course is designed to cover the more technically complex and difficult tasks confronting the Linux system and network administrator. All topics will be accompanied by extensive hands-on, with a minimum ratio of one fully-equipped workstation per student. There will be ample time to put forward your own topics for discussion and analysis. The topics are designed to build on the Linux System Administration Parts 1 and 2 courses in order to help prepare students for the LPI and RedHat Linux certification examinations.

Experience of Linux systems admin similar to the level described in the Linux System Administration Parts 1 and 2. Ideally, also 3-4 months practical full-time experience in a Linux administration environment.

Course Objective
To become proficient with Linux administration and configuration to an advanced level, sufficient to prepare for the RedHat and LPI certification exams.

3 days

Instructor-led course, with many practical computer-based exercises.

Course Outline
  • Network Configuration Review
    A review of Linux network configuration, including interfaces, IP addressing, and router setup
    Installation, configuration and use of this sophisticated (but free!) software for alowing Linux disk and printer resources to be accessed by Windows PCs. You will see cofiguration options in depth, with a fully-working practical set-up, with Wintel systems available for testing. For the ultimate in SAMBA configuration see our Samba 2-day workshop.
  • Apache Web Server
    Installation, configuration and use of the most commonly used web server software (it's even standard with Solaris). How to set it up and provide a fully working web site, including starting/stopping; runtime directives; modules; virtual hosts, redirects, logging control, etc. Also includes basic setup and using of SSL and certificates. For the ultimate in Apache configuration see our Apache 2-day workshop.
  • Kickstart and Auto-build mechansims on CentOS, RedHat and SuSE
    In-depth session on building RedHat linux automatically using the kick-start facility. Setting up DHCP information to support kick-start. Creating a kickstart file. Booting the build client. Example of a kick-start file. Creating similar facilities on the SuSE distribution.
  • Source packages
    Download, unpack and install (e.g GNU) source code packages, and successfully compile and install. Includes an overview of the make utility and editing makefiles. Additional rpm functions, plus non-rpm operations such as Debian Linux packages. The creation and management of shared libraries.
  • X Windows
    The X Display Manager xdm and its configuration. Understanding remote X execution, including X terminal overview. Customising window menus and other features. Configuring Linux to allow remote login sessions. Configuring a Linux machine to be an X terminal. ("I can't run GUI tools on my server as I always telnet in" - well now you can!)
  • Advanced networking
    xinetd and tcpwrappers; ftp service configuration, including anonymous ftp. DHCP basic server set-up, and creating a DHCP client. A closer look at system network scripts. The basics of email configuration. squid, innd NNTP server, xntpd.
  • SSH
    Secure shell - how to obtain, install and configure the secure shell for login, X Windows and ftp access.
  • System security
    Review of system and network security features. PAM configuration; using iptables to implement basic firewalling policies.
Hardware and Software Requirements
A machine running Linux for each student. Red Hat version is preferable. One or more printers should be provided for the classroom, to be shared by the students. One or more other servers are required, including at least running some version of Windows.

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