Samba Workshop


SAMBA provides file and printer sharing on UNIX, Linux and Solaris™ servers for Microsoft Windows PCs. This one-day workshop provides an opportunity to learn in-depth how to obtain, install and configure this free software.


Attendees must have sound basic UNIX/Solaris/Linux experience including systems administration and IP network configuration. Knowledge of NT server configuration would also be an advantage, but is not essential.

1 Day

Instructor-led course, with practical computer-based exercises.

Course Outline
  • Introduction, Obtaining the latest source, typical NT roles for SAMBA.
  • Configuring SAMBA from source - Initial Configuration, Compiling the source, Compile options, Making the binaries, Installing the binaries
  • SAMBA Documentation including the SAMBA Book
  • Configuring SAMBA - Configuring Solaris and Linux to run Samba, The smb.conf file, starting the server daemons, Testing the server, Another way to access disk shares.
  • SAMBA configuration via your Web Browser - swat
  • Using SAMBA server resources from the PC, sharing Workgroup resources from the PC
  • Configuration File Format & Syntax, Variables, includes, config file, [globals] section, Server Configuration, NetBIOS Names.
  • Disk shares in detail, Basic Options, Encrypted passwords, Restricting network access, Virtual Samba Servers, Browsing, Browsing Mechanics and Elections, Domain Master Browser
  • UNIX/Windows File systems and permissions, Links
  • User Authentication - Domain Logons, NIS
  • Other Issues: Logging Options, Name Resolution, Printing, Printing Options
  • smbtar
  • Introduction to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Performance Tuning, Sizing Servers
  • Troubleshooting, smb.conf Variable Reference & Summary

Hardware and Software Requirements
One workstation running Linux or Solaris for each student, as well as a number of PC systems for testing. One PC per student is ideal.

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