We have expertise in...

Data Modelling and Integration
Many organisations have their records and information scattered among several databases, filing cabinets and other repositories. Amalgamating these requires setting up a data filing structure which is easy to understand, but broad enough to properly categorise all the data.

Business Process Analysis
Getting a good understanding of the way a business or organisation works is an important prerequisite for rationalising data and making the best use of it. We can also document the business practices for future reference if this is required.

Data Management and Presentation Systems
Once you have data well organised, it can be presented both internally, and to the public via the Internet in innovative ways, to attract business and streamline operations. As well as presenting the information, we can provide efficient ways to keep it up-to-date.

Current Internet and Web Technologies
More and more emphasis is being placed on the Internet, and related technologies. But so many new standards and facilities are being created all the time, that it can be difficult to keep up. We can provide up-to-date knowledge, and create Internet-ready systems, or assist in their development at all stages, from user requirements to design to implementation and maintenance.

Internet and Systems Security
With an increasing amount of commerce now being done over the Internet, having appropriate security, at all levels, is of paramount importance. Many software systems are broken into either over the Internet, or from inside the organisation. These events can lead to loss of customer confidence, not to mention sensitive data. At Data Deliverance we take security very seriously when designing or developing software, and can provide security advice during the lifetime of a software project.

Specialised Linux Systems
Linux, being an free, open-source and increasingly popular operating system, with support from such giants as IBM and HP, brings opportunities not available with other operating systems. Apart from the cost savings to be gained, the fact that the source code for the operating system is freely available means that customisations can be made relatively cheaply and easily, for people with specialised needs such as greater accounting, security or regulatory requirements. If you've ever wished your operating system had some feature it was missing, this may be your chance to finally get what you want! We can either provide you with a fully operational packaged system, or give help and support for you as you customise your own system.