Data Deliverance Courseware

Solaris™™/Linux Utilities and Shell Programming

This three-day course provides a follow-on from the Introduction to Solaris/Linux™ course for power users and administrators who wish to learn more of the general purpose Solaris/Linux utilities, and be able to automate tasks by writing shell scripts. This course not only teaches the utilities and programming skills, but also provides many examples of useful shell scripts. A further important aspect is that students are taught to be able to readily interpret existing scripts.

Experience of Solaris or Linux similar to the level covered in the Introduction to Solaris/Linux course.

Course Objective
To train those who know a little UNIX® more of the "nuts and bolts" of Solaris or Linux so that they will make good power users, and have the tools at their command to become excellent administrators and applications support technicians.

3 days

Instructor-led course, with many practical computer-based exercises.

Course Outline
Hardware and Software Requirements
A machine or VM running Solaris or Linux for each student.

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