Matthew Donaldson

Data Deliverance

30 Musgrave Avenue, S.A., 5091 Australia

Email: matthew at datadeliverance dot com
Phone: +61 8 8265 7976


I am the Managing Director of Data Deliverance, and pursue research and implementation in the area of effective retrieval, presentation and exchange of information. Over the last few years, the amount of information available to people has been increasing at an astounding rate. In addition, especially with the advent of such technologies as the World Wide Web, the traditional model of data storage is being progressively replaced with much more distributed and ad-hoc storage schemes. As these changes take place, the methods currently used to find needed data are becoming increasingly inadequate.

At the same time, there is a push to make available on the Internet even more data - especially that stored in traditional databases. Providing a secure and reliable way of providing this information to people in the Internet is a complex problem, and embodies a fairly new field of work.


I was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada, but have lived in Australia since I was one or so: initially in Melbourne for a number of years, then Adelaide, with a brief stay in Mount Gambier in between.

I have a number of sporting interests, including cycling and a lesser known sport known as Hacky Sack (or Footbag in the U.S.). On weekends I frequently hike around the Adelaide Hills, which are very beautiful, especially from about April through to November. During the warmer months I also do a lot of swimming.

I am involved in a number of Christian groups, including:

  • The Truth and Life Club, an Evangelical body which specialises in the defense and study of the Christian Faith. We operated for a number of years on the campus of the University of Adelaide. If you would like to know more, send me some email.
  • The World Wide Web Witness, which aims to provide resources, news and a centre for discussion not only for Christians, but also for anyone who would like to know more about Christian things, or would like to debate them. Check out its web page!

I also have a keen interest in music of many types, especially classical, jazz and international, and enjoy both listening and playing. The musical instrument at which I have most experience is the piano, which I studied rather sporadically when young, but have taken up more consistently over the last few years.

Gardening and photography are hobbies that I also keenly enjoy, and I try and squeeze these in along with everything else!