Courseware Available from Data Deliverance

Presented below are many of the course titles available through us. You may find some entries with similar or identical titles. These represent courses on the same topic but with different approaches or perspectives, which are listed to give you greater choice.

Because this page is currently being expanded and updated, not all titles have course outlines on the web yet. These are being progressively added, but if you find a course that you are interested in which does not yet have an outline present, please contact us, so that we can make that one available quickly for you.

For courses marked with "Y" in the Trainer? field, a trainer can be provided from Data Deliverance to teach the course, if required. For any courses marked with (*S) following the name, please contact us for availability.

Prices include GST and shipping within Australia, and are in Australian dollars.

If you have a large order, or intend to make regular purchases, you may be eligible for further discounts. Please contact us to find out more.

Having trouble working out what course to use?

There are a lot of titles, aren't there? It can be difficult to tell what course will fit your customer's needs best. We are always glad to give consultation free of charge and at no obligation, to help you find the right course or courses. We can even customise content, combine parts of different courses, and source topics that are not listed here! Contact us to find out more.