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Linux Administration Part 2

This two day course provides a follow-up to Linux System Administration (Part 1), for those who wish to network their Linux systems. The course covers the essential elements of configuring the network connection including routing, and installing major services such as NFS, NIS and DNS, plus other services. The SAMBA PC file and printer sharing software will also be briefly examined, as will the Apache webserver; working installations of both systems will be created. The course uses the Redhat and CentOS Linux ES distributions.

Experience of Linux systems admin similar to the level described in the Linux System Administration (Part 1) course.

Course Objective
To teach experienced Linux administrators, or those who have attended the Linux System Administration (Part 1) course, to configure and connect Linux systems to a network and make use of network services.

Next Steps

2 days

Instructor-led course, with many practical computer-based exercises.

Course Outline
Hardware and Software Requirements
A machine running Linux for each student. Red Hat version is preferable.