Unix System Administration

This course is a practical introduction to the Unix operating system and the role of the system administrator. Students will gain enough knowledge and experience with the Unix V.4 system to enable them to provide system administration services.

Basic familiarity with Unix commands.

Course Objectives
On completion of this course, the student should be able to
  • Administer a Unix V.4 system
  • Use all major system administration procedures
  • Configure a Unix V.4 system
  • Use filesystem management and maintenance
  • Set up and use the security mechanisms available under Unix V.4
  • Write basic shell scripts and modify existing ones
  • Recognize problems and implement basic troubleshooting techniques
3 Days

Instructor-led course, with practical computer-based exercises.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to System V
    • Administering a Unix system
    • The filesystem reorganization
  • Everyday Unix Tools
    • Viewing, comparing, and operating on files
    • Traversing the file hierarchy - find
    • Summary of most useful commands
  • Korn Shell Programming
    • Korn shell programming constructs
  • Administration
    • System administration tools
    • Creating and removing a user
    • User start-up
    • Process control
    • Communicating with users
  • Using the Clock
    • The at and cron utilities
  • The Filesystem
    • The filesystem layout
    • Partitions and device driver files
    • Mounting and unmounting a filesystem
    • Filesystem failure
    • Fsck
    • System owned files
  • The Filesystem
    • Methods of backup
    • Incremental vs. full backup
    • Backup tools
  • Booting and Shutting Down Unix
    • Unix system states
    • Shutting down from multi-user and single-user modes
    • Booting Unix
    • Single-user mode
    • init
  • Terminal Management
  • Line Printer Management
    • Setting up a new printer
    • Maintenance utilities
    • Printer queues
  • System Security
    • SUID files
    • File modes
    • Passwords and checks

Hardware and Software Requirements
A fully installed Unix V.4 system, with tape device, terminals, a printer and associated cabling. The sysadm menu system should be configured. The systems should be able to load a 3.5 DOS-formatted solution disk.

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