COBOL Programming


This course gives an introduction to the IBM COBOL programming language and uses the MVS/TSO editor to create and test simple COBOL programs.

No previous knowledge of programming is needed but experience of MVS/TSO and use of the Editor is required.

5 Days

Instructor-led course with practical computer-based exercises.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Some terms explained, COBOL, MVS/TSO, JCL, VSAM, Bibliography , Program Structure, Column numbers, Area A and Area B

  • The Four Divisions
    • Identification Division, Environment Division, Configuration Section, Input-Output Section, Data Division, File Section, Working-Storage Section, Procedure Division , Display, Stop Run, Compiling the Program, Writing the JCL, Testing the Program, Item Names, Move and Accept

  • File Processing
    • File Control, File Section, Group and Item Names, More on Move, File Handling, Open, Read, Write, Close , Example Program

  • Flow Control
    • Designing for Testing, If , Calculations, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Compute, Perform Until, Counts and Initialize, Edited Pictures, Evaluate, Condition Names

  • Structured Programming
    • Why Structure Programs?, Performing Sections, Printing Reports , More on Edited Pictures, Accepting the System Date, Write After Page, Write After Number

  • Indexed (VSAM) Files
    • Random Access, File Status, Dynamic Access, Start, Read Next, Rewrite, Delete, Write

  • Table Handling
    • Defining Tables, Redefines and Occurs, Subscripts, Perform Varying, Indexes, Multiply Entry Tables, Tables in Records

  • Storing Numeric Data
    • Words, Bytes and Nibbles, Hexadecimal Data, Packed Decimal Data, Binary Data

  • Storing Numeric DataMaster/Transaction Update
    • Copy Library, Transaction File Processing, Master File Merge, Creating Large Test Data Files

  • Calling Sub-programs
    • Date Validation, Linkage, Exit Program

  • The Year 2000
    • The Problem, The Solution, Conversion, Windowing, Encoding

Hardware and Software Requirements
Each student should have access to a PC or mainframe and to MVS/TSO and the COBOL programming environment. For the trainer, a whiteboard, flipchart and pens are required and an overhead projector that can link to a laptop would be a great help.

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