Data Deliverance Courseware

Oracle® Database Administration

This course gives an introduction to the administration of an ORACLE® Relational Database and is based on ORACLE 8i, although the underlying principles may be applied to both Version 7 and Version 8.

Attendance on the Introduction to SQL course or equivalent or extensive experience of another Relational Database, such as Informix or Sybase. It is also recommended that the student has several months hands on experience of the use of both SQL and SQL*Plus® and some knowledge of PL/SQL®. If this is not the case then an optional module of this course, SQL and PL/SQL Revision is recommended.

4 days

Instructor-led course, with many practical computer-based exercises.

Course Outline
Hardware and Software Requirements
Although Windows 95/98/ME may be used for the course, to obtain the maximum benefit each student should have access to a PC running Windows NT Workstation or Windows 2000 Professional.

For ORACLE 8, each PC should have at least 500Mb of free space on the C drive and a CDROM. However, the PCs do NOT have to be on a network.

If ORACLE 8i is to be used, each PC must be running Windows NT/2000 and should have at least 96Mb of RAM, 1Gb of free space on the C drive and a CDROM. For this version of Oracle, the PCs DO have to be on a network.
Note to Oracle licensees
Your Oracle license may not allow the use of the software for providing training to people outside your organisation. Contact Oracle if you are planning to provide third-party training and have any doubts about your license in this regard.